CRONZ Carpets & Rugs

Selection of rug designs I created while employed by CRONZ (Carpets & Rugs of New Zealand).
CRONZ is a bespoke carpet and rug manufacturer with unique capabilities and tufting machines that can produce a wide variety of pattern - from simple straight lines to complex curved shapes and coloured areas. The design is consistent and accurate to original vector drawings created on the computer. Most of CRONZ rugs are crafted using 100% NZ wool. 


Fantail rug CRONZ_Kiwibank Auckland bran

Fantail design was created for a commercial space, Kiwibank’s newest branch in Auckland. The brief was simple - modern, brightly coloured, and Kiwi. 

The design reflects the beauty of a well-known New Zealand bird, done in a lively fashion using bright hues. The main inspiration was the tail of the bird which is quite tall and as the name implies, is often displayed fanned out. 

Blurred Lines

Blurred Lines rug CRONZ -3.jpg

Blurred Lines is a stripe pattern, revamped - irregular and with jagged edges.  It was created to break up the harsh architectural lines and provide a calming ambiance in a lovely Christchurch home.


Coastline rug was inspired by the intricate coast of New Zealand. The rug was made of NZ wool with the addition of art silk/viscose in some areas, to mimic the glistening swirl of the water.

Playful Plaids

Designs inspired by the traditional tartan and plaid fabrics, but with a contemporary colour palette and structure suitable for rug tufting (plaids are historically woven).

Other Rug Projects